Imaengine for PC Windows & MacOS Download (For Free)

Imagine also known as Vector Q, functions as a full-featured vector editor, the application convert images with conversion tools on your device.

Imagine for PC offers you far more than you require. It transforms your photographs in a couple of seconds and is incredibly strong.

Additionally, it offers an intuitive user interface that is easy enough for any more to utilize. More than 30 Modifiable filters are included in the final color vectorization tool.

And it also provides up to 32 colors, two-tone templates, clear grayscale photos, polygonal forms, and many more. 

Imaengine for PC

Features of Imaengine App (Vector Q):

1. Colour Vectorization:

It is the main purpose of this application, that you may use your imagination to create a vector file for editing cartoon-like effects. You can convert your image into a distinct color in a matter of seconds. 

2.3D Filters:

AS there are various filters like pop-art painting, two-tone stencils, etc, you can select the best filter for your image and adjust the settings to improve your photograph. 

3. Fast and Easy:

The application is fast and easy to use as all you need is to choose the photo that you wanna edit, then choose the format and wait for the final results on your particular device. 

4. Image Formats:

They come in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG formats. You can use them as you like and the formats can also be used with other programs that support them. 

5. Built-in Editor:

An online editor is included in the program which allows for more customization. If you don’t like the way the filters turned out, you may edit the photo’s settings to get the most tasteful outcome.

Install Imaengine on PC: 

iPadian emulator:

  • First, download the iPadian emulator from the official site and you will be able to see the application’s exe file once you install the application on your PC.
  • Then you can explore the program to reach the search box.
  • The Windows taskbar has a search area where you can search for Imagine and download it on your PC.
  • After the downloading process, follow the on instructions (if any) and use the app. 
  • Though The operating system may show ads on the screen it won’t affect you while you use the application. 

Or if you want to opt for something easy to handle and better for your PC, GO for BlueStack or Nox Player:

  • All you need to do is first download the emulator from the official website (your choice of an emulator), open the file, and finish the installation following the on-screen instructions. 
  • Once it is done, double-click on the software icon. 
  • Navigate the Play store on the home and click by signing in with your Google account.
  • Then on the displayed area search for Imagine and install.
  • After the installation process goes to BlueStacks homepage and clicks on the application you downloaded to open and use. 

Alternatives for Imaengine (Vector Q):

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the Imaengine app :

1. Pixelmator Classic:

The picture editor applications are strong, quick, and simple to use. Enable you to edit and improve images with its filters and features. Pixelmator Pro is the newest and best Mac image editor right now. 

2. Pixlr:

With the help of this application, anyone can create and share imaginative photos. Users of Pixlr may edit photos fast and ad-free by cropping, rotating, and fine-tuning them. 

3. Retrica:

The application provides 180+ filters in conjunction with other effects. With a constantly expanding selection of effects and features, Retrica photos have a wider range of aesthetics.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is Imaengine a free app?

Ans: It is a free-to-download app but does come with in-app purchases. 

Q2. How to open a Vector file on iPhone?

Ans: Save the file as a (Photoshop) PDF, then navigate the PDF on your device in a PDF viewer. 

Q3. Is a PNG a Vector file?

Ans:  PNG is a raster, pixel-based image format whereas SVG files are vector-based.

Q4. What is Imaengine app?

Ans: Now known as Vector Q is a powerful Raster to VEctor translator and editor. 

Q5. Is a PDF a vector file?

Ans: Most PDFs are vector files however it also depends on the program you used for documentation. 


Individuals who enjoy cartoonists or photography will like this program. You need to download all the features provided by the app.

The application provides standard vectorization, which includes a variety of filters and color schemes and You may even record videos using the rotoscoping effect with the program as well. Available from the App Store and works with an iOS device as well. One needs the iPadian emulator to run ImaEngine for PC (Windows). 

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