Granny PC For PC & Windows Download (Latest Version)

Granny is a popular video game for Windows, PC, and Mac. It is a horror-based game full of jump scares and creepy sounds.

You have to play your point of view character where you are granny, and you have to complete all the missions and puzzles assigned to you.

Meet all these puzzles as the time runs up. Don’t make any extra sounds or drop anything. 

Granny PC For PC

Top Features of Granny PC


The most excellent feature of this game is its graphics. The graphics feel natural when you play this game continuously. If you decide to play this game in the dark or at night, then the sound and graphics are the most exciting things you experience in this game.

2.User interface.

The important thing about this game is that it offers you an easy user interface. It has simple controls you need to understand fully or be a professional game player. Also, it does not require any external remote control or other devices to play.


With every game, the features are made better. You can quickly turn on an auto-update for this app or update this game continuously. In addition, every update comes with new challenges, so you don’t get bored with this game.


This game is compatible with various devices. You can easily play this game on Windows PC or Mac. If you want to avoid downloading this game, play it online.

How to download Granny PC for PC

If you want to play this game for free on your devices, such as Windows PC or Mac, without getting any paid subscription, then Android Emulator is the best platform you can get. Some popular Android emulators include BlueStacks or NOX player, which you can easily download by going to their official website. Go to the official website of BlueStacks and click on the download option. After that, follow The below steps.

For Windows

  • Install as well as set up BlueStacks on your Windows PC. 
  • Give all the permissions to BlueStacks to access media and everything on your Windows PC. 
  • Launch it on your Windows screen and sign in with your Google account. 
  • Search for the search bar in the top right corner and search for this app by typing its name. 
  • Wait for a few minutes for this app to be downloaded. 
  • As soon as the app is downloaded, its icon will appear on your desktop screen. 
  • Click on the icon of this app to start using it.

For Mac 

Download this app for mac IOS for the same steps as above. You can download any Android Emulator such as BlueStacks or NOX player and use it just like Google Play Store or mac app store.

Top alternatives of Granny PC


This is one of the best and most popular video games, which is a better alternative to Granny. In this game, you have to run around a Funeral where you check on paranormal activities. Also, you have to protect yourself and stay safe from a girl. This girl turns from Evil to good and back and forth. You have to run through the corridor in the night to stay away from Evil.

2.Slender’s Woods.

If you are looking for an alternative to Grammy for PC, Slender Woods is one of the best options. As the name suggests, this horror game takes you around some unexpected events you are not ready for. In this game, an imaginary or mythical character named Slender lives in the woods. You must complete all the missions given to you by staying safe. Make sure you do not come in the eyes of the public.

3.The Airtight City.

Alright, the city is a popular adventure and horror game. It might seem that the alright city is alright, but it is not. This game is filled with puzzles and tasks you must complete without becoming dead. Every episode has its own story and background, which is very interesting. You must move on to the next episode after you complete the previous one.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1.Is Granny available for PC?

Yes, this game is available for Windows PC. It makes it here for you to get all updates and features for free. You can download it with Android emulators.

Q2.Is Granny’s PC version free?

Yes, every version of Grammy PC is free. You can download this game for free and play it on your device.

Q3.Is Granny 3 PC free?

You can easily download Granny 3 PC on your device just the way you have downloaded Granny PC. It is free to download every version of a granny video game, including the Granny 3 PC.

Q4.Is Granny a horror game?

Yes, granny is a horror game. It is filled with suspense as well as jump scares. You will never forget the moment when you were suddenly scared in this game or the event you were not ready for.

Q5.Is Granny a violent game?

Granny is not a violent game. It is a rather horror game. Many teens and kids love this horror game because it has surprises and suspense episodes with a jump scare.

In a nutshell

Granny PC is free to download on Windows PC as well as Macbooks. You can easily download this game with the help of Android emulators. If you want to experience paranormal activities, you better play this game. The sound effects and graphics are so realistic that you will be scared but love to play this game simultaneously.

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