How To Get FaceTime For PC Windows 10?

An outstanding video calling platform called FaceTime. Consumers can make an unlimited number of video calls to their family, and friends and even use it for business or professional purposes.

Windows and Android users are eager to utilize the application but to have this program open in your window, third-party installation is necessary.

FaceTime For PC

Features of the FaceTime app:

1.Voice Isolation: 

FaceTime provides a crystal-clear HD audio transmission. And the application attempts to cut out background noise and non-vocal noises to concentrate on your voice.


One needs to have their phone number or Apple ID while face timing. Who can contact you and who cannot is entirely up to you. Individuals you don’t wish to communicate with can be blocked and added to the app’s blacklist folder.


Facetime includes a vast collection of emoticons, animojis, filters, stickers, and graphic animations that you may use on yourself to have amusing and weird discussions.

4.Group Chat:

During a Facetime conversation, you may utilize both the front and rear cameras, and up to 32 individuals can join a group chat at once. Furthermore, FaceTime’s widescreen viewing angle makes it simple for families and other large groups to join a call. 

5.Ultra-High Definition Video:

On compatible, Intel-based Macs, take part in HD video chats at up to 720p. For Windows-to-Windows conversations, a Windows equipped with a standard definition camera may provide video as good as VGA.

Install FaceTime on PC:

Facetime can only be downloaded via an iOS emulator on a Windows PC because it is only accessible through the Apple Store.

  • First download iPadian, an iOS emulator. It is available for purchase from the official website.
  • Run the installer and select a location on your local Windows drive for the file to be saved. 


Another option is to simply use Program Files, which is the default storage location for all Windows applications.

  • Once the installation is complete, click on the desktop shortcut or icon for iPadian.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. The same as with your other Apple original devices.
  • Now you need to log in just as you would on an iOS or Mac OS device.

Locate the Program Store and search for the FaceTime app there.

  • Once you are set, open the application, launch it and start using it. 

Alternatives for the FaceTime:

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the FaceTime app.


The application is used by worldwide users for phone calls, HD video calls, and even chat programs can all be made. By opening a Skype account one can also send and receive messages to people via SMS connection. 


Google Hangout is famous for its group chats/conversations. The application provides emoticons, fun graphics, and free video calls for both group and individual chats. One can video call up to 10 people at once.


Viber is a free, secure messaging and calling application with an intuitive UI. The conversations are guaranteed by end-to-end encryption and automatically used to safeguard your communications. Plus Viber does not store any information you send or receive on its server. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Can you download FaceTime on a PC?

Ans: It is a Mac-only application, but one can install FaceTime using an iOS emulator.

Q2. Can you FaceTime on Google Chrome?

Ans: FaceTime isn’t supported on Chrome OS, therefore you’ll need to use a suitable device if you want to FaceTime someone.

Q3. Does Gmail have FaceTime?

Ans: While logged into Gmail, you may initiate or join face-to-face video calls.

Q4. Is FaceTime free on WiFi?

Ans: FAceTime is a free service application for making iPhone-to-iPhone callings. 

Q5. Does FaceTime use email or phone numbers?

Ans: Yes, FaceTime use email and phone number for making a call. You should either have the peron’s phone number or e-mail address for doing a FaceTime call on Iphone.


You may safely download the most recent trial or full version of FaceTime for Windows 10 for free. Because Facetime for Windows is not yet accessible, you can utilize the techniques stated above as they are completely reliable if you wish to use Facetime for PC.

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