Arlo App For PC & Windows Download (Latest Version)

In recent years robberies and crime rate have increased a lot and the no.of robberies taking place in a month has increased from 20 to 35, which indicates that the crime rate should be controlled and the citizens should also be more alert toward the condition as ultimately that would affect the condition of the crime.

With the increased no.of robberies and the crime scenes happening the citizens are more alert and are also terrified after witnessing the scenes. As drastic times call up for drastic measures many people have started investing in personal security.

Arlo is an application which can be used to control the security devices paired with and you can always have an update on your belongings that whether they are safe or not and if any unauthorised access is detected it notifies you instantly.

Arlo App For PC

Features of the Arlo For PC

Listed below are some features of the Arlo app:

1.User-friendly interface: 

The application has been designed such that the users never face any problems while using the application and can have a great experience while using the application and face no problems.

2.Toggle menu: 

The toggle menu helps the user to switch between devices and select whichever device’s action you want to monitor. The menu is designed such that the top priority devices are listed first and are sorted according to their priorities. 

3.Smart controls : 

The smart control menu provides you with a wide range of options to control the security devices you are using and can be controlled from any part of the world and you can monitor the working of the devices

4.Alarm Notification : 

This feature allows the application to give notification with a beeping sound whenever it detects any suspicious activity and with the beeping sound you can easily get notified about the scene. 

5.Motion alerts: 

This is another unique feature of the Arlo app using which you can get all the motion alerts, by motion alerts we mean you get notified every time an unrecognised person steps on your door and the camera detects its face. 

Arlo app for pc:

Since an official pc version of the Arlo app has not been released yet so if you want to use Arlo on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  1. Download the android emulator genymotion.
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Access the play store on the emulator.
  4. Search for the Arlo app and download it.
  5. Install the Arlo app on your device.
  6. Launch it using genymotion.
  7. Arlo is ready to be used on the system now.

Alternatives of Arlo for pc:

1.Nest Cam:

Using this application and the integrated devices you can take good care of your home by the surveillance with the cameras. And the camera angles can be monitored from the comfort of your mobile phone.


Blink has been in the marketplace for too long now and is a great competitor for other applications. Because of its fluent service and magnificent user response, it is very famous and has been downloaded and used by many people.


Another big competitor in the marketplace is Zmodo which has a very big user interface as is used by no.of users and stands at a user base of 100k+ active users.

Frequently sk questions:

Q1. Is there an Arlo app for computers?

Ans. An official pc version of the Arlo has not been released yet but if you want to use it on your pc you can do it by using an android emulator. 

Q2. How do I hook up my Arlo to my computer?

Ans. You can do it by downloading the Arlo app and launching it on your pc using an android emulator.

Q3. How do I download the Arlo app?

Ans. You can download the Arlo application using the google play store as it is available there for downloading.

Q4. Are Arlo cameras discontinued?

Ans. Some versions of the Arlo camera have been discontinued but sales of the Arlo 3 floodlight are still on and if someone wants to buy it he can from the website.

Q5. Is there a monthly fee for Arlo?

Ans. Arlo charges a monthly fee for the cloud storage you require to save the data from the devices and the cost depends on how many devices you are using.


Arlo is great if you are thinking of something for your home security and can help you with every issue you are facing related to your home security. The interface is user-friendly and you can get used to it easily and always keep a track of your security devices.

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